It’s the Little Things

Aug 13, 2020

Hours of research. Lots of back and forth. But, you’ve finally picked our curriculum. For us we choose to go with Origins Curriculum (link at the bottom) because it offers us a way to meet all of our child’s needs and focus on the whole child in a mindful, meaningful way.

But as a new homeschool parent I had a lot of questions like: How do I show that I have been teaching her? How do I show her growth and development? Luckily Origins Curriculum offers all the materials to ease into homeschool like the champion teacher you are! Below are a few things Origins Curriculum offers and what I’m using my materials for to keep me organized and ready for any situation. 

Keep Track of Attendance 

While it isn’t a requirement in every state, some do require you to regularly keep track of your students attendance and hours. Many states will even have you submit your homeschool attendance sheets to them each week, month, or year to ensure that your student is getting an adequate education experience. One thing that Origins Curriculum provides is a free attendance sheet. I don’t have to make anything or go out and pay extra. I can simply download an attendance sheet and print one annually. It saves me money and time. I can also make a copy for my records and one for the state. Which gives me such peace of mind.

Make a Folder 

Origins Curriculum provides lesson plans, attendance sheets, curriculum tracker, and posters. This is in addition to the materials that we provide for your children’s lessons. So where do I keep it all? In two folders. One folder has our attendance, immunization records, lesson progress, a copy of our letter of intent and pictures of our progress (mostly for the memories). In a separate folder I keep all my child’s work and the posters. It’s a good way to keep track of the progress that they are making in their studies. Keeping myself organized this way takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders. Origins Curriculum really offers me all the things I need to meet my state requirements without having to search all over the internet or in stores. 

Take a Deep Breath 

I had to remind myself of this many times. My first week of homeschool, I was all knots and nerves. But during our morning song, “Let The Beauty We Love”, I relaxed and sang with my daughters. We felt the music and it really set the mood for our lesson. The Origins Curriculum outline was so easy to follow and gave me good guidance for my lesson. I felt at ease after this. I was able to create a lesson plan that fit my family’s needs with the help of Origins Curriculum.

For more information on Origins Curriculum check out their website