Fun Activities for the Family

activities nature play winter Feb 17, 2022

In the month of February, our curriculum dives deeper into the External focal point: Who Lives Here. Our children are learning about the biomes and ecosystems that are found on this magical planet. As parents, we have the opportunity to make learning fun and enjoyable. Here are some engaging activities that can serve as learning opportunities about the world around us.


1. Exploring Nature with the Five Senses

Make sure your kiddos are bundled up and ready to explore! This engaging activity can teach your child about the five senses with nature at the center of it all. While you are on a walk, encourage your child to focus on what they notice around them. In February, our focal point is still “Who Lives Here?” With that in mind, what animals do they hear and see as they are outside? What plants do they see and smell around them? How does the air feel? And possibly, what do they taste? All of these questions can lead into informative conversations about the world around them and the magic of nature.


2. Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Our nature scavenger hunt is an interactive way for your child to learn about winter through play! We encourage using a mason jar, a match box, or a larger cardboard box so that they can collect their “nature treasures” and bring a piece of the outdoors into your home. Some ideas of what they can search for : Rocks, Sticks, and Leaves.

Check out our printable checklist on Pinterest , as a guide to assist in their scavenger hunt!