Homeschool Subscription

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Homeschool Package


Package Features:

  • Preschool Welcome Packet
  • Full Color Classroom Posters Set
  • Thematic Guide
  • Training Videos
  • Teacher Organizational Planners: Daily/Weekly/Monthly
    Weekly Planners Filled Out in Detail including:
    • Circle Time Activities
    • Music & Movement
    • Mindfulness Activities
    • Creative Art Projects
    + Blank Daily, Weekly & Monthly planners
  • Supplemental Audio & Video Content Monthly:
    • Guided Meditations
    • Children’s Yoga Videos
    • Live Book Readings
  • Additional 4+ In-Depth Exploratory Units Per Month
  • Community Forum
  • Facebook Group

If you have children of different age ranges and you need to purchase more than one subscription, you can receive a coupon to receive up to 50% off on the following subscription!

If you do not want to purchase two separate subscriptions, you can always purchase the subscription for your oldest child and adapt the content down. Our customer service team is always happy to assist you in this process!

*Introductory Price for the calendar year.
Prices will change on your 13th month (billing cycle) to: $105/month