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Are you a confluence of expertise, passion, and innovation, eager to impart knowledge and inspire young minds? Origins invites you to collaborate in crafting a conscious “Masterclass” for kids!

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Why Collaborate with Origins?

We’re not just about teaching; we’re about transcending conventional boundaries and awakening the boundless potential within every student. If you resonate with a learning experience that’s immersive, conscious, and profoundly impactful, you're in the right place!

What We Seek in an Exploratory Course Collaborator:

  • Expertise: You possess in-depth knowledge in your field and the eloquence to make complex concepts accessible and engaging.
  • Innovation: A flair for presenting content in novel, interactive, and compelling ways.
  • Technological Savvy: The ability to create quality video content, marrying expertise with technology to create immersive learning experiences.
  • Mindful & Eco-Literate: An alignment with principles of mindfulness and eco-literacy, weaving them seamlessly into educational content.

Benefits of Creating an Exploratory Course:

  • Impact: Contribute to nurturing globally conscious, informed, and empowered future citizens.
  • Recognition: Align with a respected, award-winning curriculum and gain visibility among a global audience.
  • Monetization: Transform your expertise into a stream of passive income, making a difference while earning. Earn 50% profit for life!

Who Are Our Ideal "Edu-preneurs"?

If you are an engaging speaker, rich in knowledge and brimming with enthusiasm to teach and inspire; if you can weave narratives that are as educational as they are transformative; and if you're technically adept to create premium quality educational content – Origins awaits your collaboration!

Embark on this exhilarating journey where education, innovation, and consciousness intersect. Together, let’s create Exploratory Courses that aren’t just about learning but are voyages into the depths of knowledge and the heights of human potential.