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Origins Curriculum: a magical exploration into nature-based global education for both classroom and homeschool educators

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Are you a Daycare or Preschool of children 3-5 years old looking to take your program to the next level? Are you seeking conscious-minded, innovative, and time-saving curriculum content?

Best for Daycares & Preschools:

  • Who want to save time and money on lesson planning.
  • Who want to elevate their program with an award winning curriculum that will pay for itself over & over.
  • Who want to stand out from the competition, impress parents & ensure students are ready for kindergarten.
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Home Educators 

Are you a conscious-minded Homeschool parent looking for engaging & holistic curriculum content that caters to elementary children ages Kindergarten through 5th grade?

Best for:

  • families desiring an eco-conscious education that supports emotional balance and social responsibility.
  • home educators looking for material that encourages critical thinking and creativity.
  • parents who know their child was meant to change the world.
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Classroom Educators 

Are you a private school, charter school, micro-school, homeschool pod or educator with 3 or more children in multiple grade levels from Pre-K through 5th grade? 

Best for:

  • Private schools aiming to create world change-makers.
  • Micro-schools and homeschool pods looking for multi-grade, nature-based content.
  • ¬†Educational institutions seeking to incorporate mindfulness and sustainability into their daily lessons.
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The worlds first Conscious Curriculum brand is now the winner of the international ‚ÄėGreening Education Solutions Provider‚Äô award!

In recognition of its exceptional contribution towards providing innovative eco-conscious education solutions that inspire and equip schools and educators to foster environmental awareness and sustainability.

Fiona W.

 Canberra, AU

“Our son fully absorbed the eco-literacy concepts that were presented to him through the Origins Curriculum. He would often point out to us important positive eco behaviors he had learned and remind us that we need to take care of our planet. To be honest we had no idea that we would luck upon such an amazing preschool program with a diverse, eco literate and conscious curriculum. We were overcome by the level of thought and consideration the school put into not only the children’s care but to their long-term education and personal growth. “

Elizabeth M.

Missoula, MT

"We have been particularly impressed with the mindful practices and the connection to nature while with Origins. During stressful moments at home or with other kids, our son is able to ground himself by taking deep breaths. When we are outside he can describe key concepts like 'photosynthesis' and demonstrates his love for nature by caring for chickens, bugs, and plants. Origins is the right balance of nature, learning, and emotional connection."


Jo-Anne B. 

Ontario, CA

"The program is AMAZING! Honestly, my daughter is enjoying school for the first time ever! She looks forward to getting started every morning and works through the evening and on weekends! This is unprecedented for this child! Truly~ I am so Thankful we found you! We have absolutely no suggested improvements so far. The curriculum is easy to understand and is all encompassing subject matter. Brilliant!"

Join us in our year-long, virtual and 
nature-based learning curriculum.

Mindfulness ‚ÄĘ Nature-Led & Eco-Conscious
Global Education ‚ÄĘ Research-Based Online Learning

Join us in our year-long, virtual and 
nature based learning 

Mindfulness ‚ÄĘ Nature-Led & Eco-Conscious
Global Education ‚ÄĘ Research-Based Online Learning

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No more spending hours researching and lesson planning

For a low monthly rate, subscribers will have access to an award-winning, year-round, fully comprehensive and holistic curriculum

We are the world’s first Conscious Curriculum brand, and we are redesigning what secular education can look like for classroom students and homeschool students alike, by combining high level academics with eco-literacy and mindfulness, and we are giving educators and homeschooling parents the tools and the platform they need to transform themselves, the way their students learn, and the world through a desperately needed paradigm shift in education.

We use a comprehensive approach to education that guides and grows a child’s connection to their emotional, social, and environmental consciousness, regardless of their learning style.

This reimagining of the status-quo educational system is the revolution we need in this new world. 

Origins is an adventure into global education,

And hits all the required domains of learning and covers every subject taught in public school plus more! Students will dive into each global biome and learn about the regions in depth.

They will learn about the peoples, cultures and societies, the plants and animals, environmental concerns, economics, water cycles, weather patterns, food systems, soil types, and how the regions are connected to the greater global web.

These topics will be explored through the lenses of reading, writing, culture & society, mathematics, science, fine arts, movement and outdoor exploration, nutrition, biomimicry, and more, all the while weaving in eco-literacy and mindfulness.

Through this exploration, we instill in our students a connection to and understanding of our place in a global ecosystem.

Origins students will develop mindful emotional recognition and regulation skills along with critical-thinking skills toward solving real-world problems, while gaining confidence in their identity, meaning, and purpose while solidifying the full range of academic skill sets.

The Power of the Origins Effect
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