Homeschool State Laws


  1. Superintendent - Person who manages or is in charge of a number of schools within a school district.
  2. Affidavit - a written statement confirmed by oath.
  3. Letter of Intent - Letter containing descriptions of intentions
  4. Transcripts - documentation of a student’s permanent academic record
  5. GPA - Grade point average. This is given by adding the number of credits as the student has received and divided them by the number of credits a student has taken.
  6. Attendance - being present for an event
  7. Homeschool based-private school - learning within a private environment
  8. Homeschooling Statues - State rules that dictate how many hours/days, subjects, and testing that needs to be done you need to instruct your student in the homeschool setting
  9. Form 4140 - Also known as a letter of intent
  1. Districts Discretion/Dependant on District - local school district will determine the appropriate measures to assess your student’s grade level for re-enrollment. Each school district will have a different method of measurement for the grade level. Check with your local school district if you are looking to re-enroll your child and the steps you will need to take.
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