Origins Eco Educator Certification

Introducing the course that will change the course of your life!

Whether you teach children or college students in a public or private school setting, or you want conscious professional development for your team,  Origins Eco Educator Certification Course brings forth eco-literacy, mindfulness and a powerful global sustainability perspective.  Whether you want to transform your classroom, start your own school or homeschool pod, enlighten your staff or become the change the world needs to see.. this is a powerful credential to add to any educator's resume!

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Take your teaching to the next level with an Origins Curriculum Teacher Certification!

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Professional Empowerment

  • ¬†Resume Enhancement:¬†Elevate your professional profile with a certification that underscores your commitment to innovative, holistic education.
  • ¬†Distinguished Expertise:¬†Stand out with specialized skills in eco-literacy and mindfulness, setting you apart in a competitive educational landscape.
  • ¬†Accredited Professional:¬†Earn recognition as a certified educator equipped with methodologies to foster holistic child development.
  • ¬†Skill Amplification:¬†Refine and expand your teaching abilities, becoming an asset to educational institutions, students, and parents alike.

Pedagogical Innovation

  • ¬†Dynamic Curriculum Integration:¬†Master the art of weaving eco-literacy and mindfulness into various educational contexts, promoting holistic student development.
  • ¬†Future-Ready Education:¬†Prepare students to navigate a complex world with a balanced perspective on human-nature interconnectedness.
  • ¬†Tailored Application:¬†Customize the Origins Curriculum to fit diverse teaching environments, from homeschooling pods to college classrooms.

Empowering Home and Classroom Educators

  • ¬†Confidence Building:¬†Gain the assurance and competence to provide your classroom or your homeschooled child with a high-quality, holistic education at home. Overcome uncertainties with tailored guidance and practical tools that make homeschooling a gratifying journey.
  • ¬†Customized Learning Paths:¬†Acquire skills to personalize educational content, ensuring it aligns with your child‚Äôs unique learning pace, interests, and strengths while meeting academic standards.
  • ¬†Resource Accessibility:¬†Access a wealth of resources, lesson plans, and activities that make learning engaging and meaningful, reducing the preparatory workload for parents.
  • ¬†Educator &¬†Parental Support Network:¬†Connect with an expansive community of homeschooling families and classroom teachers, exchanging insights, encouragement, and support to navigate the homeschooling experience confidently.¬†

 Student Impact

  • ¬†Enhanced Learning Experiences:¬†Foster enriched learning environments that cater to students‚Äô cognitive, emotional, and ecological intelligence.
  • ¬†Empowered Generations:¬†Shape future citizens equipped with the awareness, knowledge, and skills to contribute to a sustainable world.

 Community and Network

  • ¬†Collaborative Ecosystem:¬†Join a dynamic network of like-minded educators, sharing insights, resources, and support to elevate teaching practices.
  • ¬†Inclusive Participation:¬†Benefit from a program designed for a diverse range of educators, from traditional classrooms to alternative education settings.

Personal and
Professional Wellness

  • ¬†Holistic Wellbeing:¬†Incorporate mindfulness into your life, enhancing mental, emotional, and physical wellness.
  • ¬†Balanced Lifestyle:¬†Gain tools to create harmony between personal and professional spheres, fostering a life enriched with fulfillment and purpose.