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"The program is AMAZING! Honestly, my daughter is enjoying school for the first time ever! She looks forward to getting started every morning and works through the evening and on weekends! This is unprecedented for this child! Truly~ I am so Thankful we found you! We have absolutely no suggested improvements so far. The curriculum is easy to understand and is all encompassing subject matter. Brilliant!"

Jo-Anne B. 

Ontario, CA

"We are LOVING this curriculum! The children are thriving and the organization of it makes it wonderful. Makes things so much easier with our staff"


My Happy Place Preschool

Ontario, CA

Hear from our teachers!

"We have been particularly impressed with the mindful practices and the connection to nature while with Origins. During stressful moments at home or with other kids, our son is able to ground himself by taking deep breaths. When we are outside he can describe key concepts like 'photosynthesis' and demonstrates his love for nature by caring for chickens, bugs, and plants. Origins is the right balance of nature, learning, and emotional connection."

Elizabeth M.

Missoula, MT


"We were overcome by the level of thought and consideration the school put into not only the children’s care but to their long term education and personal growth. The world is going to be a very different place when our children are young adults and they will need to think creatively, be resilient and care for their community and the environment. We very much felt that Origins was preparing our son for this future.

Our son fully absorbed the eco-literacy concepts that were presented to him through the origins curriculum. He would often point out to us important positive eco behaviours he had learned and remind us that we need to take care of our planet. We believe that this foundation prepared him for his first year of school back in Australia where he attends an independent community school that prioritises education that supports independent, environmentally aware and community minded stewards of this earth.

We were also very grateful for the mindfulness exposure and learning our son experienced at Origins. Our son has always been a very independent soul who can at times be overcome by his strong will and defiance. We witnessed his evolution in self-awareness and regulation. This helped us greatly at home and we believe it benefitted his friendships."


Fiona W.

 Canberra, AU

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