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Origins Curriculum is an unschooling-inspired

and research-based online curriculum.


No more spending hours researching and lesson planning. For a low monthly rate, subscribers will have access to a secular award-winning, year-round, fully comprehensive and holistic curriculum. 

Origins is an adventure into global education. Students will dive into global biomes and learn about the regions in depth. They will learn about the people, the plants and animals, about water cycles, food systems, weather patterns, soil types, climate, environments, and how these regions are connected to the greater global web. These topics will be explored through the lenses of reading, mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, music and art and more,  all the while weaving in eco-literacy and mindfulness. 

Origins students will develop critical-thinking skills toward solving real-world problems, while gaining confidence in their identity, meaning, and purpose.

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K - 5th Grade Premium Bundle

Our Premium Package is everything you need to fully educate your child at home! 

You receive all of our lesson plans and resources + the workbook (see Homeschool Subject Overview below) + Homeschool Educator and Student Planners, Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Support Tools, Posters, Movement and Guided Meditation Videos, and so much more!

*For our K/1st grade subscription we have Handwriting Resources and a Comprehensive Reading Curriculum to assist beginning readers. These are available to 2nd-5th graders as needed and upon request! 

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Curriculum Details

Homeschool Subject Overview

Origins’ lessons are designed to be student and interest led. This means they are written with room for adaptation to your student's needs and curiosities. If your student has less of an interest in a subject or activity, you might breeze through it, or simply introduce it and come back later. You may also wish to take a deeper dive into a topic, following your student’s passion and lead. Origins' lessons place your student at the helm of their learning journey.

Mindfulness provides your student space and guidance for calming the senses, increasing focus and attention, and bringing awareness to the present moment.

Reading & Writing provides foundational skills and strategies for the study of language, using literature and writing opportunities to build your student’s confidence as a reader and writer. Your student will be empowered to independently explore subjects that ignite their passions, while using their writing for creative self-expression and positive, real-world change.

Culture & Society provides a chance to explore ourselves and others through the study of human culture and history.  This study pushes your student to think  both critically and creatively, so they can imagine and take part in a better future.

Fine Arts provides hands-on artistic exploration to help your student explore their internal and external worlds. This exploration helps your student practice and develop their own personal relationship with self-expression.

Nutrition provides your student the opportunity to learn about how the body needs and uses nutrients to stay healthy. Thematic recipes offer a hands-on learning experience, exploration of global food culture, and an opportunity for meaningful connection.

Science provides your student an outlet to discover and understand the world around them. Lessons and hands-on experiments deepen your student’s comprehension of how things work, and enhance their connection to the habitats and ecosystems that sustain us.

Movement provides opportunities to take part in physical exertion that can help us expel energy, strengthen our bodies, and calm our minds. We offer a variety of yoga-inspired videos and other movement-related content to ground and center your student's feelings and focus.

Mathematics provides a right-brained approach to math, helping your student understand math in the context of the natural world. Lessons focus on developing understanding, opportunities for meaningful practice, and encouraging your student to apply what they have learned.

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