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Origins Curriculum is an unschooling-inspired

and research-based online curriculum.


No more spending hours researching and lesson planning. For a low monthly rate, subscribers will have access to a secular, award-winning, nature based, year-round, fully comprehensive and holistic curriculum for homeschool families, private schools, charter schools, micro schools and pods.

Origins is an adventure into global education. We take students on a virtual journey around the world, deep diving into each global biome and learning about the regions in depth, exploring through our focal points of Internal, External, Metaphysical and Interconnection.

Kids learn that the Earth is a living body of interconnected patterns and that understanding nature helps us understand ourselves. They will learn about the original peoples, global cultures, plants and animals, environmental concerns, economics, water cycles, weather patterns, food systems, soil types and how all the regions are connected to the greater global web. 

As we make our way through the years, we will travel through each grade's biome:

Kindergarten sets out on an adventure to explore all of the biomes! This helps them to create a solid foundation to build from as they transition into 1st-5th grade where we'll be diving deeper.
1st Grade discovers the wonders of our Deserts
2nd Grade travels through the Forests of our world
3rd Grade dives deep into the Aquatic biome
4th Grade wanders through the Grasslands of the planet
5th Grade uncovers the magic of the Tundra

The biome studies will be explored through the lenses of reading, mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, music and art and more, all the while weaving in eco- literacy and mindfulness.

Origins students develop critical-thinking skills toward solving real-world problems, while gaining confidence in their identity, meaning, and purpose.

Join us as we change the world, one child at a time. 

Winner of the international‚ÄėGreening Education Solutions Provider‚Äô award!

In recognition of its exceptional contribution towards providing innovative eco-conscious education solutions that inspire and equip schools and educators to foster environmental awareness and sustainability.

K - 5th Grade



Your subscription includes: a full year's worth of Lesson Plans and Resources covering every subject, Workbooks, Beginning Reader Curriculum, Educator and Student Planners, Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Support Tools, Journals, Poster Set, Library of Movement, Music and Guided Meditation Videos, a Global Community, Personal Customer Support + SO much more!


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Are you a private school, charter school, micro-school or homeschool pod with 3 or more children in multiple grade levels? Origins Curriculum offers commercial licensing to schools at a discount. Click HERE for more information.


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Curriculum Details


Movement provides opportunities to take part in physical exertion that can help us expel energy, strengthen our bodies, and calm our minds. We offer a variety of yoga-inspired videos and other movement-related content to ground and center your student's feelings and focus.


Reading provides foundational skills and strategies for the study of language for your student to become a confident reader. Your student will be empowered to independently explore subjects that ignite their passions.


Writing provides foundational skills and strategies for your student to meaningfully share ideas, express themselves, and connect with others and the world.

Culture & Society

Culture & Society provides a chance to explore ourselves and others through the study of human culture and history.  This study pushes your student to think  both critically and creatively, so they can imagine and take part in a better future. 

Fine Arts

Fine Arts provides a broad perspective on art forms including music, theater, literature, sculpture, and visual art. Activities call for a multitude of mediums and the study of different artists. Students can find pride in themselves and respect for others.


Nutrition provides students with the chance to diversify their taste buds, observe the food available to them, categorize foods, and learn about food in a threat free environment. Food is a major component of bringing people together and cultural identity, and plays a pivotal role in relationships to self and others.


Science provides observation and experimentation to inform knowledge of physical science and life science. From body systems and self care, through food chains and ecosystems, to life cycles and climate change, students recognize the important role they play in the future of our world.


Mathematics provides a foundation of number sense, operations, measurement, data analysis, algebraic thinking, geometry, and spatial reasoning. A focus on real world applications provides meaning and context.


Mindfulness provides opportunities to practice presence and garner self awareness through emotions, empathy, respect, self concept, self regulation, likes and dislikes, gratitude, affirmations, sound healing, and self esteem.



Origins’ lessons are designed to be student and interest led. This means they are written with room for adaptation to your student's needs and curiosities. If your student has less of an interest in a subject or activity, you might breeze through it, or simply introduce it and come back later. You may also wish to take a deeper dive into a topic, following your student’s passion and lead. Origins' lessons place your student at the helm of their learning journey.

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