Preschool Classroom Curriculum 

For preschool classrooms, ages 3-5

A Conscious Curriculum for a New Earth

The ages of 3-5 are where the most prolific brain development occurs. What we are exposed to during these years shapes our sense of self and our place in the world. This is the time where our default modes are set. There is not a single more influential point in human development, this is why high quality early education is so crucial.

Our times are calling for reflection, innovation, and adaptation, and our children are yearning for educational opportunities to support this. Origins is giving the educators the tools and the platform they need to transform themselves, their students and the world.

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What is Conscious Curriculum?

Origins Conscious Curriculum is a comprehensive and new paradigm approach to education that guides and grows a child’s connection to their emotional, social, and environmental consciousness.

The unschooling-inspired educational content and instruction seeks to answer the questions: “Who Are We?” “Who Lives Here?”  “What’s Happening?” and “How Are We Connected?”. These are answered through our essential understandings into 4 over-arching Focal Points of learning – Internal, External, Metaphysical, and Interconnection.

We are dedicated to the whole child: mind, body and spirit.

Children will develop critical-thinking skills toward solving real-world problems, while gaining confidence in their identity, meaning, and purpose. Creating the Origins Effect.

Origins Effect

The Origins Effect is the concept that the guidance that Origins Curriculum provides for children through our Conscious Curriculum will have positive immediate  effects that will evolve and grow into  long term  habits that will positively influence  themselves and ripple out into the world around them. Children will develop a profound depth of mindful awareness, while gaining confidence in themselves and fostering the ability to achieve the goals they set.

Historically, the status quo early childhood programs have been geared towards the employment-focused academic skill set of public schools, excluding the kind of education which can assist children in recognizing and comprehending the world around them. Our philosophy is that a healthy and sustainable early childhood curriculum should create the container for children to both acquire and practice thinking skills, communication skills, and tools for emotional regulation. It should nurture children’s innate sense of caring for, and about, nature and all its inhabitants, while supporting and modeling choices and decisions that are grounded in both an Earth and human-centered ethic that celebrates diversity and does not exploit or exclude.

Our lesson plans are based on 3 essential understandings:

  • That the Earth is a living body of interconnected patterns of relationships,
  • That by knowing natures’ ways we can learn more about who we are and how we are part of nature and,
  • That mindfulness is a way for us to know ourselves and experience our belonging to the Earth.

Origins Curriculum subscription service gives teachers back their time and unlocks the magic of learning. Our full-scope integrated curriculum includes a huge library of lesson plans as well as planning tools, that will keep teachers organized and students engaged as we explore life and learning through the elements. Our unique approach gives children a comprehensive and holistic education that helps them understand who they are and how they impact the earth, and each other.

Our Conscious Curriculum creates a sense of understanding surrounding the many intersecting cycles of the natural world by combining eco-literacy and mindfulness with academic practices. We have created a comprehensive and holistic curriculum that follows the flow of seasons and takes children through a magical portal into the inner-workings of our selves, our world, how things work and how we are all connected.

Looking at the world through the lens of the Origins Focal Points of: Internal, External, Metaphysical and Connection, we are able to give children a truly complete experience and view of the world and our place in it, which is far more powerful and beneficial than just learning how to stand in line, sing the A,B,C’s and memorize numbers. We are giving children a look in-to, and out-of “self”.

Who Are We?  Who Lives Here?  What’s Happening?  How Are We Connected?

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Curriculum Framework

Origins curricular framework offers an eco-system design approach to implementing interconnected learning cycles. This approach mirrors the pillars of a sustainable way of life that are broadly used in the field of eco-social design. We have translated these pillars into 4 over-arching Focal Points of learning that we consider appropriate to guide young learner’s inquiries: Internal, External, Metaphysical and Connection. These Focal Points are posed as deeper questions: Who Are We?, Who Lives Here?, What’s Happening? and How Are We Connected?

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Complete Lesson Plans

Origins Curriculum subscription service gives teachers back their time and unlocks the magic of learning.

Our full-scope integrated curriculum includes a huge library of lesson plans that can be customized based on the child’s age and abilities. Plan a week or month in advance with ease, or choose daily based on the emergent learning philosophy.

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Classroom Posters

Our beautifully designed, full-color 24×36” posters will help children visualize all the concepts of the curriculum and be able comprehend the full scope. The mandalas explain the many intersecting cycles of the natural world. The Origins Emotional Toolbox gives children the power to recognize and manage their emotions.

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Community Forum

Join a community of teachers and educators from around north America. Share ideas, gain support become inspired and connect to peers.

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Organization Tools

Populate lesson plans in advance for ease of scheduling, or choose them on a daily basis to follow a more emergent teaching style. Our monthly, weekly and daily planners will keep teachers organized and less stressed!

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Customer Support

Live chat and email support. Coming soon: weekly live community meetings, live educator workshops, exclusive access to the Origins Podcast, certified mentorship options as well as telephone tech support.

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