5 Steps To Get Ready For Homeschooling

Aug 27, 2020

Books, pencils, notepads, videos, and your homeschooling program. For new families it can be a lot to think about. Once you find your right homeschooling program it all just kind of falls into place. We found Origins Curriculum and the rest just happened. It felt easy to get prepared now that we had a solid foundation to build on.

To help your family get ready follow these 5 steps!

1. Create the Space

Honestly, unless you have an extra room just laying around your house your homeschooling space is probably going to be in a communal area. Create a space that sparks feelings of excitement and interest. Hanging the posters we got with our Origins Curriculum subscription helped to show my children that this is the area that we will be learning. We put our learning tub next to the posters for easy access when lessons are happening.

2. Review your Intentions

When you select your homeschooling method you are really selecting the method that holds the same values that you want to send to your children. We wanted to teach our children that they are one with nature and a strong sense of mindfulness. A mindful nature towards the natural world and others. Origins Curriculum helped us set that intention out for our children.

Asking them to seek out the answers to who we are and where we come from. With the Fall Mandala leading the way I can easily remind myself of my intentions for my children daily as I create my lesson plans.

3. Start to Lesson Prep

Some weeks are hard to motivate yourself and sometimes coming up with lesson plan ideas can be a challenge. I was lucky to have a curriculum that had a few lesson plans available to me so when I was faced with these challenges, I could fall back on them as an easy go to. With this in mind creating a few weeks worth of materials came easy. I knew that if for whatever reason things just didn’t work out (and trust some days are harder than others or hey you’re sick but lessons still need to happen) I had lesson plans that fit my vision for what I wanted to teach my children and are still meeting their education needs.

4. Find a Learning Style

The reason a lot of us homeschool is because we know there isn’t one learning style that fits all learning styles. Some of our children respond to visual learning while others prefer a hands on method. Whatever your child’s needs are, exploring this will be critical and knowing how they learn best will help them in their own personal journey.

5. Have Fun

Education should be fun! Starting our day off with singing and then moving into movement, art and mindfulness education is a way for us to connect as a family. I feel like I am learning more and more about my children each day. Have fun with your kids – education shouldn’t be something you or your kids are afraid of, it should be something embraced.

Courtney Leblanc