3 Spring Equinox Activities for You and Your Child(ren)

activities mindfulness nature spring spring equinox Mar 20, 2021

With the spring equinox upon us, here are 3 spring equinox activities you can do to celebrate with your child(ren). There is no better way to celebrate the balance between light and dark while helping your child(ren) recognize what is happening all around them as the world wakes up from its winter slumber.

Take a Spring Appreciation Walk with your Child(ren)

Slip on those long awaited rain boots and skip out your front door with your favorite little humans in tow. Whether you decide to suit them up and take them on a hike, or decide on a simple walk down the road: both will do marvelously as the first stop on spring equinox activities for you and your little ones.

As you walk with your little (maybe big!) ones think about pointing out the fresh  seedlings that have spent precious energy popping through the ground. Notice if there are any new bird songs above you. Check to see what rodent holes are waiting for their owners to return home. Maybe you pick a modest bouquet to bring a piece of spring into your home.

It is highly encouraged to allow your little ones to jump in all of the puddles, squeal in delight at whatever makes their heart shine, and soak up that (hopefully!) early Spring sunshine on their skin. Don’t forget the sun block!

Read (or watch!) a Book about Spring

Once the boots are off, and the small humans have been fed a snack: pick a book to celebrate all the things you just saw on your spring equinox activity adventure. Maybe a book about flowers, or a tiny rabbit. Anything that continues their curiosity from their outdoor adventure.

If you'd like to start dinner while your kiddos become absorbed in a story for a while, they can watch Who's Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett, a part of our free resources at Origins, read by one of our wonderful teachers: HERE.

Or they can enjoy, I Took A Walk by Henry Cole: HERE.

More video books can be found under the Resources, or click here.


Let Them Create Their DREAM Garden

Using whatever you have handy - may it be crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paint! - pour it all out on whatever space your little ones create on and encourage them to create their dream garden.

Don’t limit their minds - remind them that their imaginations are endless. Give them the chance to truly soak up the energy of the Spring as their dreams run wild on paper. Maybe they invent some creatures or flowers of their own.

We hope you enjoy these spring equinox activities for you and your family. Enjoy this balance between the sun and the moon. We’re thinking of you.