Benefits of Homeschooling

autonomy flexibility freedom homeschool Aug 29, 2023

Families choose to homeschool for a wide variety of reasons; the truth is, there are many universally beneficial aspects to homeschooling. Whether you are just getting started or a homeschool veteran, it’s helpful to consider and reflect on the reasons homeschooling may be the best choice for your children and your family.

Flexibility and Freedom

Perhaps most obviously, homeschooling gives families a huge amount of flexibility and freedom in how, when, and where their children are educated. Instead of being confined to a building and a chosen curriculum that may or may not connect with their unique learning styles and interests, families have complete autonomy to choose where and how they teach and learn. This could be in the home, in the community, and of course, in the great outdoors. Having the flexibility and freedom to choose how, when, and where learning takes place is helpful for families’ schedules, mental health, and overall excitement for learning. It also allows for time and space to devote to subjects that are often neglected in traditional school environments, such as mindfulness and eco-literacy.

Student-Led Learning

Another important benefit of homeschooling is that it allows for children to take the lead on their own learning. Using each child’s unique interests and strengths to guide how and what you teach is crucial in developing a lifelong love for learning and growing. There are so many ways to teach universally needed skills, such as problem solving, clear communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, with a wide variety of content and materials; finding books and topics that excite them and spark their curiosity can make a huge difference in their motivation and dedication to their learning. It also instills a sense of autonomy over their learning, and lets them know that their passions and strengths hold importance. These components are crucial for developing a strong voice and confident sense of self.

Authentic Experiences

Despite the stereotype that homeschooled students are isolated at home, homeschooling is actually an amazing opportunity to engage children in their communities in authentic ways that they might not have access to in a traditional schooling environment. Homeschooling allows time and space to engage in learning in the greater community, such as in nature, at museums, parks, and local government buildings, to name a few examples. These experiences can allow children to develop comfort and confidence in navigating “the real world,” rather than viewing learning as being confined to a classroom or a school.

All these reasons and more guide people around the world to choose homeschooling as the best choice for their children and for their family. Here at Origins, we truly believe that flexibility and freedom, student-led learning, and authentic experiences are the best way to engage in meaningful instruction and develop necessary skills. Check out our eco-conscious, mindfulness-based curriculum to learn more!