Children Remind Us of The Magic in Life

Sep 03, 2020

We can take a break from our routines and responsibilities and relish in the magic of being, of truly living and enjoying life with our students and our child(ren). How can we tap into our own child-like nature, and lean into wonder and curiosity and away from worry? We are all navigating these uncertain waters, and as we adapt we will find our flow again. When it comes to our future generations, some of the most important skills and lessons that we can impart are practical life skills, radical self-love and acceptance, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. It is clear that for us to move forward together, we must consider the “whole child” and give them what we see is lacking in our society presently. That’s where Origins Curriculum comes in—with all of this in mind, our content will help your child(ren) or students stay engaged, curious, and excited to learn.