Guide to Mindfulness Boxes for Kids

calming tools children diy mindfulness mindfulness box origins tools Apr 14, 2021

Life can be overwhelming for the small humans around us, so here at Origin's we have put together a guide to mindfulness boxes for kids. For children who are susceptible to sensory overload, hyperactivity, or emotional sensitivity, a mindfulness box may be the perfect resource to help them reach a state of calmness, presence, and gratitude. Any toys or trinkets that help ground and engage children by connecting them with their five senses are great for a mindfulness box.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Rice and Lavender Sock

Fill a soft sock with rice, dried lavender, and lavender essential oils. The soothing smell of lavender can help promote relaxation, relieve anxiety, and support sleep. For even more sensory appeal, keep the sock in the freezer to keep it cool to the touch, or put it in the microwave for 10-30 seconds to make it warm. A wonderful addition to a mindfulness box for kids.

Silly Putty, Play-Dough, Slime, or Kinetic Sand

All four of these products allow children to fidget and use their hands: a must for mindfulness boxes for kids. The non-messy nature of silly putty may make it a good resource for a child to fidget with during circle time or lessons when they struggle to keep still. Homemade play dough may allow for the opportunity to add a variety of essential oils. Kinetic sand is stimulating for the hands as well as the eyes as the product can be compacted together and gently pulled apart in a visually soothing manner.

Kaleidoscope (DIY your own HERE!)

Kaleidoscopes offer the opportunity to focus on colors and patterns, literally tunneling one’s vision onto those and little else. Ask the child to point out what colors and shapes they see, and how they change as the kaleidoscope turns. Hear the ooo's and aaaah's of mystery and joy.

Imitation Candle

Imitation candle’s allow for the calmness of a real candle without the danger of flames. Setting a distressed child up in a quiet room with soothing lighting, such as these candles, can help decrease sensory overload and promote a state of relaxation. Imitation candles can also help foster meditation or sleep at school or home. We highly recommend these as an addition in mindfulness boxes for kids.

Essential Oils

With a carrier oil (such as coconut oil), any essential oil can be placed behind the ears or on the wrists for continuing effects for a few hours. As previously stated, lavender can promote calmness, as can rose and peppermint. Frankincense can help ease digestive discomfort. Lemon and rosemary can help aid concentration, while orange can help improve mood. Visit here for more examples of the benefits of specific essential oils.

Whether you use all of these ideas, or maybe are inspired for a few of your own: we hope that this guide to mindfulness boxes for kids is a treat for you and your little ones.