Learning from Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins

activities autumn children fall originseffect Oct 13, 2021

This month, we progress further through the Fall Mandala. We talk about exploring who we are as individuals and dive deeper into understanding ourselves. As the leaves change and the air becomes cooler, there are endless opportunities for us to take our little ones outdoor and explore.  Here are two activities for you and your little ones. 

Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin patches are back and this is a great opportunity to pick some out with your child(ren). Giving them the freedom to choose their own pumpkin, offers them a sense of independence. This also opens up the opportunity to have a discussion with our little ones on the different sizes and colors of the pumpkins. What makes them unique? What did they like about the pumpkin they chose?

Once their pumpkin is chosen, a fun activity to do together is pumpkin carving! Together you can discuss the parts of a pumpkin and how just like us, a pumpkin has parts that make it whole. 

Pumpkins are also a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin E, and iron. Cooking with pumpkins is a great way for children to learn through a playful and engaging activity. Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will teach multiple fall inspired recipes. 

A Stroll through the Park

As the air gets cooler and the leaves turn from shades of green to yellow, another wonderful activity is walking through the park. We can encourage our children to look at the different leaves and what makes them unique. They can notice the veins, structure and shape, and color gradations with leaves. This opens up the conversation of what makes us unique as well. What differences do we have? What do we have alike? Why is noticing similarities/differences important? It can build understanding and compassion.. it encourages us to explore who we are.

This is a great opportunity to explore our senses as well. How do the leaves sound crunching under our shoes? How does the autumn crisp air smell? What shades of colors surround us? The possibilities are endless.

When we consciously tap into our senses, we become more mindful of how we’re experiencing and perceiving the external world.