Library Love

access digital library resource Apr 18, 2024


One of the most incredible resources available today are libraries, and not just for books. Libraries provide community, activities, information, and tools. Check out your local library to see what events are being hosted, how to meet with a librarian and receive a tour, and what materials, in addition to books, they lend out. Some libraries lend out sewing machines, electronic devices, and other equipment. 

Not only are libraries terrific sources for physical resources, they have some of the largest digital resource inventories too. For digital resources, you don’t necessarily have to be in the library’s physical vicinity. Many offer free or low cost memberships. The Queens Public Library is one of the best and offers nonresident cards even if you are international.

Many Origins Curriculum lesson plans suggest specific books to help start your library searches. Books that cannot be located physically may be accessed digitally. If your preference is for physical books and a specific book cannot be found, there are likely similar substitutions. This is where librarians come in handy. Librarians specialize in finding books by subject matter, age range, and so on. Tell them what you are looking for and chances are they can produce a number of appropriate options. 

April 7-13 was National Library Week. For a belated celebration of libraries, challenge yourself to use a library in a new way. Attend a different event at a local library, access a digital resource from a virtual library, or check out a different material. Share with us what you discover!