Stargazing with Your Children

activities children nature originseffect stars Aug 31, 2021
stargazing with children

This month we talked about the vastness of space and how it relates to life here on Earth. Here are some tips for stargazing with children. This is a perfect activity to do over the weekend at home, or you can take your kiddos camping for a night further from city lights.

1. Get your kids excited about the adventure.

Visit together and discover all the exciting things you might see while stargazing. Talk with your children about what they’re most excited to see or do, and set expectations with them. You can decide together where to go stargazing. NASA has a great article about finding great stargazing locations.

2. Pack all the essentials together.

Snacks, telescopes, a jacket. Whatever you decide you need for this adventure, pack together. Let them practice with the telescope at home, or choose which flashlights to bring.  Children who are involved in the planning process of an adventure are more likely to imagine the possibilities that await. It’ll help them stay excited about the trip and you can talk about the uses for each tool you bring. 

3. Have fun! 

Share your stargazing adventure with us on social media using #originseffect. We can’t wait to hear about all the fun experiences you have.